Artist Training FILM III – Showreel: How to present as a filmmaker

Artist Training FILM III – Showreel: How to present as a filmmaker

20. Januar 2020 - 24. Januar 2020


The module Artist Training FILM III will be a practical workshop on the subject of showreel and online presentation for filmmakers, DOPs, actors and actresses. In these five days we will, together with the professional editors Lorna Hoefler Steffen & Sina Ataeian Dena, discuss and analyze your filmic work, and support you to create your own showreel. Footage of your work in digital format is mandatory. Alongside the workshop, you will get a chance to create new networks at the "showing and networking" Event at Wolf Kino on 22 January 2020. The course is addressed to professional artists only. Course language is English. The program is free of charge.

Registration with CV + filmography, link to a representative film, brief motivation letter with description of your editing experience and the software you are working with. If possible, bring your own laptop to the workshop. If you would like to show a film on January 22nd, please include a link to the film in the registration (The film should be up to 20 min long and should have englisch subtitles.)

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Veranstaltung: 20. Januar 2020 - 24. Januar 2020

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