This was the Pitching Day of Invest in Creativity - Investors Lab Berlin 2018!

This was the Pitching Day of Invest in Creativity - Investors Lab Berlin 2018!
Foto: Alexander Rentsch

Yesterday, 7 November 2018, this year's Invest in Creativity - Investors Lab Berlin ended with a pitching event at which eight creative companies pitched in front of seven Berlin and international investors for the first time.

The training programme: Invest in Creativity - Investors Lab Berlin 2018
In October, the Invest in Creativity - Investors Lab Berlin of Kreativwirtschaftsberatung Berlin entered the second round after it was launched with a pilot in 2017. The English-language training programme prepares creative entrepreneurs with the necessary willingness to present their plans to investors in a pitching day. At the same time, the selected investors will be introduced to the specific value creation and monetization processes as well as to the investment opportunities in the creative industries.

Added value for Berlin's creative industries
The Pitching Day offers creative companies valuable contacts to investors and the opportunity to talk about possible investments and cooperations. Experience shows that it works: After the 2017 pitching event, the majority of participating companies held long-term talks between investors and companies.

And these eight companies took part in the Invest in Creativity - Investors Lab Berlin this year:

is a sustainable product packaging alternative for consumer goods made from the areca palm leaf, an untreated agricultural by-product. Our packaging solution is 100% natural, manufactured without the use of chemical additives and compostable at the end of its lifecycle. With a fair production in India we additionally support a sustainable economic development in the country.

DIGIDICED helps board game creators reach broader audiences and players to spend more time with their favorite hobby through digital apps. Our great traction has increased the demand for our services to a level that is now exceeding our capabilities. Help us solidify our top position in the market!

Fassoo is a SaaS automated multi-language video tagging platform, which enables the automated generation of metadata for films and TV content based on computer vision and machine-learning technologies. This helps the content owners to save time, money and helps them to provide better tailored content recommendations and greater sales to their customers.

We’re developing the Google for brand music by collecting a revolutionary dataset combining music, situation and emotion through our app
Groovecat. Using machine learning and music information retrieval, we excel today’s costly or low in quality options for music selection and provide brands with perfect songs in milliseconds. Our vision is individualized music distribution in advertising, movies, therapy and more.

- We sell awesome products with music inside. Mutees is a mobile marketplace which intents to support independent artists work. All of our products come with music, bringing a complete experience to the Fans, and a real Value to the Artist. Independent artists are currently having a hard to make a living with music. Therefore, we have realized that music should be delivered for “free”, since people pay for the “Container”. Call it a CD, a Vinyl, or even a mp3, from a streaming platform. We think is time to replace that old container, with a Fresh and Useful one.

We are building a user-generated music industry for the billions of unfulfilled musical talents, with a simple app that lets you make beats, add videos and collaborate with friends live and online. Jambl
is an instant way to compose and perform electronic music, without the barriers of musical theory or technical experience. Setting users on a path to grow their musical skills, and gain followers.

ON AND OFFER is an Active Connecting platform connecting jobseekers and companies in the communi-cation and creative sector. For years companies have been complaining about an increasing shortage of skilled labour, but the basic recrui-ting approach has not changed. Instead of focusing on the perfect job description to recruit personnel, ON AND OFFER spotlights the potential candidate's talent and his or her individual skills and strengths.

The yooneeque label offers the world first sporty and intelligent fashion. Personal training data of athletes are converted into individual clothing designs. yooneeque is working with a software that uses neural networks, a form of artifical intelligence, to create highly customized designs. Sports scientist and designer Anna Franziska Michel was inspired by apps like Strava and Runtastic to this idea. With this innovation, athletes gain now not only their own athletic performance, but also their matching designs.

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