Funding opportunities around the textile, fashiontech and wearables industry

8. Oktober 2018 19:00 - 21:00

Funding opportunities around the textile, fashiontech and wearables industry Foto: Worth Project MeetUp


Unter den Linden 17
10117 Berlin


We are happy to be part of this meetup! Organised by official ambassador of the WORTH Partnership Project - a new EU-programm, that creates and supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, creative people, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms looking to develop design-driven and innovative products.

Are you looking for funding opportunities for your digital textile, fashiontech or wearable electronics project? Have you maybe even started your own startup or company? Then you should not miss this event!

This meetup will give you a chance to connect the Berlin wearables and fashiontech communities and the hosts of the event, like

### Thomas Gnahm (Wear It Berlin),
the official ambassador of the WORTH Partnership Project and the upcoming Re-FREAM project. WORTH ( gives away 150 x[masked] €, deadline is October 24th. Re-FREAM is a brand new EU program that will support artists/designers/developers in close to body technology projects with 5 x[masked] € in Germany and a scientific co-creation process.

### Mareike Giebeler (Gesamtverband textil+mode)
who is representing the Tex Started by textil+mode ( Tex Started offers startups from fashion and textile industries access to small and medium sized industry partners and plenty of support like the chance to present themselves at events and congresses.

### Melanie Seifart (Kreativwirtschaftsberatung Berlin)
representing the Investors Lab Berlin, which will run for four days between October and November 2018 and prepares participants to present their company to a panel of international investors. (

### Further speakers:
Hannah Perner Wilson (Kobakant)
Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson have been collaborating since 2006, and in 2008 formed the collective KOBAKANT. Together, through their work, they explore the use of textile crafts and electronics as a medium for commenting on technological aspects of today’s “high-tech” society. (

### More hosts to be announced soon

The meetup will be taking place in German officially, but no worries in case you don´t speak the lenguage – we will be there for you with English explanations as well.

Snacks and drinks will be provided :-)

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8. Oktober 2018 19:00 - 21:00

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