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Free desk in lovely Neukölln office available


HI FREAKS! We have a vacant spot in our lovely office BÜRO BORÜ in Neukölln, starting the middle or end of February 2019 (so-called Verhandlungssache). Rent is close to € 250, but you will not only get lots of space to wander around, but also: - about a dozen lovely office mates, who work in graphic design, photography, web programming, interior design, movie making and journalism - a fully equipped kitchen with several kinds of tea and coffee to choose from (included) - an exceptionally bright conference room - two bathrooms - a huge hall-way - cleaning is included - and finally: lots of input, not your ordinary co-working-space. There are heaps of pictures of the office and its lovely habitants on our Facebook page, but you can also look at the website linked underneath! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Design, Fotografie, Werbung & PR

More info at dasauge