Daniela Lucato

Daniela Lucato

Actress / Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Editor


Smoke is a reflection during COVID about our concept of space.
How do we feel it when we are forced to use space in a different way?
How are our feelings changing, the way we also perceive time in the same space?
I titled this work Smoke because it is the image that comes to my mind when I think about this moment:
symbolically it represents the unclear way we look now at the world, it is a temporary vision but it changes the way we perceive everything.
Which kind of projections do we have about us in relation to our environment: are our longings changing? Or are we the same people with a different consciousness?
Who are we in this new constellation?

Screenings /Awards:
Festivals/ Awards:
Sundance Collab Monthly Challenge
Venice Architecture Film Festival
Pasolini Prize- Archishorts, Winnipeg’s 10th annual Architecture + Design Film Festival
The Digital culture platform of the Project Lazaretta
Eye's Walk Digital Festival
Short Video Screening "My Pandemic Year” Worm Rotterdam
Homeostasis Lab The Working Artist