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Medien.barometer 2020/21 study: The consequences of the Corona pandemic for the media, creative and digital industries

The results of the medien.barometer 2020/21 are in: The proportion of companies satisfied and very satisfied with their business performance more than halved during the first lockdown, from 79 to 35 percent. More than half of the companies surveyed have taken advantage of government support programs. For 43 percent of companies, the way out of the crisis requires investment support, followed by tax incentives (41 percent) and the expansion of existing support measures (39 percent).

Further results are: Despite challenges posed by the shift to distributed working and digital communications, a total of 67 percent of companies surveyed felt that working in a mobile/home office was productive, and in some cases even more productive. 62 percent of the companies surveyed fully agreed, or tended to agree, with the statement that they had experienced a digitization boost as a result of the pandemic - and 75 percent of respondents expect to maintain and further expand the crisis-driven changes in their companies in the long term. 59 percent are also opening up new business areas, and 53 percent are optimizing internal structures and workflows.

The complete medien.barometer berlinbrandenburg 2020/21 with all evaluations, statistics and comparisons as well as all information on the current business climate index can be downloaded here.

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