Advertising & PR

Contacts & Networks

Art Directors Club Deutschland e. V. | Network of creative art professionals in advertising, design, digital media, event and communiations as research and teaching                     

Berliner KommunikationsFORUM e.V. | Student association in support of creative student initiatives and projects

KommunikationsVerband Berlin-Brandenburg | Interest group and network for all communications professionals

Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen GWA e. V.  | Lobby addressing politics, the economy and the general public

Gesellschaft Public Relations Agenturen e. V. (GPRA)  | Organisation board for leading public relations consultans

Marketing Club Berlin | Network of 400 marketing experts from Berlin

Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirtschaft (ZAW) | Umbrella association fort he advertising sector

Werbekongress | Independent non-profit organization and platform for young advertising professionals

Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e.V. (DPRG) | Assocation for PR professionals in Germany

Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher | Nation-wide network of press representives & communications agents

Institut für Medienpolitik (IfM) | Research in media & communications policy including a large data base of international media companies

Verband direkte Wirtschaftskommunikation (FAMAB) | Association for the events sector

Typo Berlin | International design conference

Werbemarkt Berlin Brandenburg | Business Location Center for advertising the capital