Photo: Ottobock Science Center Berlin © Ottobock



Since the beginning of the ‘90s, many architectural firms have either been founded in Berlin or have relocated here. In addition to the ‘90s building boom, this development was encouraged by Berlin’s status as a capital city. Among the large-scale projects are undertakings such as the Olympic Stadium and Berlin’s central train station (the Hauptbahnhof).

With 4000 architects residing in Berlin - not counting architecture students - it is home to the second largest population of architects in Germany. Numerous institutions and forums, such as the Architecture Forum Aedes and the Institute for German Architects (Bund deutscher Architekten) influence the field through their networks and activities. After a time burdened with unemployment issues and economic recession, the business climate within the field of architecture has been brightening up over the last few years.  More than 2.741 businesses exist in the branche (2017) with over 14.000 employees (2018) and a total revenue of about 679 million Euro.