Fashion & Textile

Contacts & Networks

Contact for the fashionsector at the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research
| Tanja Mühlhans, Tel: 030 / 9013 8335, E-Mail:

Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin (IDZ) | International design center Berlin

Designszene Berlin (by IDZ) | Web portal for designers in Berlin

Verband deutscher Mode- und Textildesigner (VDMD) | Professional Representation for German fashion and textile designers in Germany

Fashion Sourcebook | a network since 2016 for Berlin fashion and textile designers

Fashion Council Germany (FCG) | special interest group for German fashion

Nemona | Network Fashion & Sewing Neukölln, workshops, consulting and events | platform for the textile circular economy in Berlin

Future Fashion Forward | Association that promotes education in textile and fashion production. Particular emphasis is placed on sustainability, the environment, social standards and social justice

Deutsches Mode Institut | Research, analysis and communication of fashion trends

Labels Berlin  | Property developers specializingin the fashion industry

Berlin Fashion Week| fashion show with top national and international designers

Business Location Center | fashion trade shows