Film & Broadcast

Contacts & Networks

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg  | Responsible for film funding and media business development in the capital region

Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (Mabb) | Supporting diversity of opinion in private broadcasting in Berlin and Brandenburg

Filmnetzwerk Berlin | promotes the personal, professional and continuous exchange of knowledge within the film industry and is a contact point for approaching and established filmmakers who live and work in Berlin

Allianz deutscher Produzenten Film & Fernsehen | Independent lobby of German film and TV producers

Berlin-Brandenburg Film Commission | Lobby  related to the formation and development of the film and TVculture in Berlin & Brandenburg

Bundesverband der Film- und Fernsehschauspieler (BFFS) | Lobby of German film and TV actors

Bundesverband audiovisuelle Medien e.V.  | Lobby group for relevant German video programmers

Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater e.V. (HDF Kino)  | Lobby group for cinema

Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft e.V.SPIO  | Lobby group of the German film, TV, & video

AG Kino | Lobby group for the arthouse cinemas

AG Verleih | Preservation, expansion and modernization of German film in cinemas

Filmförderungsanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (FFA)  | Funding Institution for the German film industry

Verband Deutscher Werbefilmproduzenten e.V.  | Lobby group for advertisement producers in Germany

Kinoführer in Berlin  | cinema portal

Deutsche Filmakademie e. V.

European Film Academy  | Academy uniting over 2.300 film professionals in Europe with the advancement of European film culture

Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft e. V. (FKTG)  | Support for the technicians in the film and TV business

Deutscher IPTV Verband | Association of medium-sized IPTV enterprises

Institut für Medienpolitik (IfM) | Research on media and communication politics including a database on most important media institutions worldwide

Visual Berlin e.V. | Non-profit organisation for the promotion and communication of projection and video art berlin-brandenburg | Mouthpiece of the film and TV companies in Berlin-Brandenburg

VPRT Verband Privater Rundfunk und Telekommunikation e. V. | Lobby group for private radio, TV and media providers

Verwertungsgesellschaft BILD-KUNST | Association founded of copyright-holders (artists, photographers and film authors) for the exercise of their rights