Film & Broadcast


Berlin, Berlin Film Festival, Babelsberg - the medialandscape of Berlin-Brandenburg is film location number 1. More than 300 films are made around the Berlin area every year, making it a hub for German Film. The production companies are supported in part from the regional funding institution Medienboard and the nationally operating FFA. The German Film Prize (Deutscher Filmpreis) and innumerable movie premiers help generate and encourage networking within the industry.

Due to excellent conditions for production as well as desirable film locations, Berlin also attracts international producers.  According to a report by Projekt Zukunft (2019), the Berlin film industry has 2,378 companies with almost 12,000 employees. Berlin's broadcasting industry counts 1,856 companies with 26,345 employees. With a turnover of over 1 billion euros each (as of 2018), the clusters of the film and broadcasting industry represent an important economic factor. 

Moreover, the Berlin region offers one of the most diverse radio markets in Europe with 40 radio broadcasters in total. Around 30 different stations can be received only over ultra short wave frequencies on analogue and terrestrial channels.