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Games & Interactive

Contacts & Networks

Contact for games and digital media at the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research  | Michael Pemp, Tel: 030 / 9013 8276, E-Mail: berlinbrandenburg | connects the games industry in the capital region. The network supports big and small players with excellent contacts in business, politics and research.

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg | Funding program "Innovative Audiovisuelle Inhalte"

Serious Games Berlin | Association of innovative game developers, research and public institutions

Verband der deutschen Games-Branche | Expansion of the game branch  in the region  | German Federal Association for Information Technology, telecommunications & new media  | Digital Game Research Network | Classification authority for computer games in Germany

Berlin 2.0 | Network of the Berlin internet & media industry

Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e. V.  | Representation of mainly small and medium-sized  enterprises

Games Academy | Network of Berlin game developers