Photo: © Pawel Kadysz

Games & Interactive


According to a report by Projekt Zukunft, 5,599 software and games companies are located in Berlin with over 85,000 employees (as of 2018).  The turnover of the Berlin software and games industry in 2017 was 5.17 billion euros.  Berlin is also home to numerous national institutions such as the Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltung (BIU), the eSport-Bund, the Bundesverband G.A.M.E, the USK and new networks in the area of serious games.

The games industry is a growth industry. It is therefore no surprise that renowned universities offer attractive training programs to obtain trainees for the sector. Among these renowned universities are the Academy of Film and Television Konrad Wolf, the Mediadesign University of Applied Science, the University of the Arts, and the Games Academy. Furthermore, numerous events make the region an important meeting point for the sector: events such as the German Games Days (DGT) with its Conference on Development Quo Vadis, A MAZE Indie Connect, and the job board  Making Games Talents have been held in Berlin since 2007. Within the scope of a gala event, the German Computer Games Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) is awarded at the Deutsche Gamestage. This marks the highest accolade of interactive entertainment media in Germany. The globally unique Berlin Games Museum exhibits the cultural history of the medium. Other important factors include the Wii-Bar PLAY, the Next-Level-Lounge, Gamestorm, A MAZE, and the Streetgame Initiative Berlin Invisible Playground.