Literature & Publishing


Berlin is home to numerous magazine, newspaper, book and scientific/academic publishers, as well as their associated service industries. For example, Axel Springer AG, the Ullstein Verlagsgruppe (publishing group), Suhrkamp and Cornelsen are all based in Berlin. In addition, important associations and institutions like the BDVZ, VDZ or the Bundespressekonferenz (Federal Press Conference) are also located in Berlin.

The creative and academic environment, in addition to the high concentration of authors and literary agents, make Berlin an attractive location. Around 20 news agencies, more than 90 regional daily newspapers, as well as the Berlin offices of more than 22 national publications such as DER SPIEGEL, Focus, Die Zeit and the Financial Times Deutschlands re-enforce the capital's position as Germany's epicenter for influential political debate. Almost 2.100 companies are here located (2017) with over 10.500 employees and a total revenue of 1.1 billion Euro (2018).

In addition, nearly no other city can parallel Berlin's large population of writers and Journalists, which includes literary prizewinners such as Arne Roß and Simona Sabato, and bestselling authors such as Wladimir Kaminer and Florian Illies. The blogging scene around Stefan Niggemeier, Sascha Lobo, Johnny Haeusler and Co adds just as much to the electrifying milieu currently present in Berlin as the many exciting venues that offer lectures and readings all year round. Creative City Berlin keeps you updated on the most important events, tenders and market developments by cooperating with platforms like and