Theatre & Dance

Contacts & Networks

Kulturverwaltung Abteilung VD | Support for theater & dance groups

Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. | Project grants for all sectorts of performing arts



"Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V." (ZTB) | Association of choreographers, dancers, dance events and dancing institutions

Tanzbüro Berlin | Networking, informations, advice for Berlins professional dancers. Magazine publisher tanzraumberlin, tanzcard, mapping dance in Berlin

Network TanzRaumBerlin | Initiative of Berlin theaters, broadcasters, institutions from the field of dance with the goal to strengthen the arts-dance-scene

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland | The umbrella organization o Dance in Germany -  'Standing Conference' working since 2006 as a nationwide platform for artistic dance in Germany and is the composite associations for artistic dance in Germany

Stiftung Tanz | Transition Center Germany companions and supporters for professional dancers from the start of training on every stage of the career with a dual focus on career planning and transition processes at the end of an active dance career

Tanzfonds Erbe und Tanzfonds Partner | TANZFONDS ERBE supports artistic projects on cultural heritage dance. TANZFONDS PARTNER enables partnerships between dance institutions and public schools. Dance Heritage Fund and Dance Partners Fund are an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation with Runtime 2011-2013

TanzZeit | TanzZeit is committed to provide dance as a form of expression and basic learning in schools. Artists and choreographers - many with international backgrounds - teaching children and young people and provide an insight into the work of professional dance makers


Bundesverband Freier Theater e. V. | Nation-wide organisation representing regional associations of independent theaters

Landesverband Freie Theaterschaffende Berlin e.V. (LAFT) | Lobby group for independent theaters and dance professionals in Berlin

Verband Berliner Amateurbühnen | Regional association representing Berlin in the federation of German amateur theater

Verband Deutscher Varieté Theater VDVT | assoctiation of  privately-operated theaters with an artistic stage program

Deutscher Bühnenverein | Preservation of diversity in theatre and orchestras

Deutsches Zentrum des internationalen Theaterinstituts | Worldwide theater network under the umbrella of the UNESCO

Deutsches Forum für Figurentheater und Puppenspielkunst e.V. | Support for German puppet theater and puppet shows in Germany

Der Verband Deutscher Puppentheater e. V. | Professional representation of puppet theater

Akademie Musiktheater heute | Sponsored program for young directors, advisors, conductors, artistic directors, arts administrators and composers of music theater

Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik (BuT e.V.) | Promotion of the theater education