Berlin MusicTech Meetup "Music Making (Hu)machines"

Berlin MusicTech Meetup "Music Making (Hu)machines"

April 29, 2019 18:30 - 21:00

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Mehringdamm 33
10961 Berlin


The 3rd Berlin MusicTech Meetup is around the corner.
It will be at The Venue again but this time on MONDAY instead of Thursday.

The overall topic for this meetup will be "Music Making (Hu)machines".
We will explore exceptional creative music machines. Some already exist, some are speculation (for now). Some require human interaction, some don't.
How will the fast development of technology and easy access to knowledge influence the way we create and interact with music?
How will it influence our expectations?
Will we get used to mainly consuming autonomous music one day?

Each of the three out-of-the-box thinking presenters will give us input to get closer to answers of at least one of those questions.

* 1st Presentation:

"Our path leading up to generating AI death metal" by CJ Carr

CJ is CTO, and Co-founder of music tech startup CommonEdits, a researcher on neural networks, passionate guitar player and the mastermind behind the YouTube channel that streams Death Metal 24/7 (🤟
He will give you insights on how he creates generative music with Dadabots.

* 2nd Presentation:

"A simple guide to amplify the power of human touch." by Sasha Pas

Sasha Pas is a social entrepreneur and founder of Playtronica studio. Pas works with interdisciplinary practices exploring new types of interaction between human and technology with the help of sound as a medium. Playtronica сonnects every object, from soap, sneakers, clothes, and cars, to airliners and cities to create meaningful sonic installations and engage the audience for musical interactions.

Playtronica projects have been exhibited at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, The Jewish Museum (Moscow), Exploratorium (San Francisco), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), and Palais de Tokyo (Paris) participated in Sonar+D Festival (Barcelona); Loop (Berlin); Performance Pets (London).
Pas is a guest lecturer at Royal College of Art, London College of Communication, Escola d'Art y Superior de Disseny (Olot), British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow), Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Pas lives and works between Moscow and Berlin.

* 3rd presentation
"Human applications: utopian applications of music and tech for a better you in a better world" by Sam Potter

What happens when music can listen to you?
What do the rhythms of the Earth sound like in a song?
Might a music-making AI pass the Turing Test?

All of these questions and more will be answered by author and artist Sam Potter who wrote the book "Late Of The Pier - Ecstatic Data Sets: The Chorismos Apeiron Scanner (2028 Editions)" (


+ João Neves will set up a table to demo Sensi, a modular and wireless MIDI controller able to adapt to the musician, no matter if he is a beginner, someone with years practicing an instrument or more kind of experimental mind.

+ Tycho Terryn will give a special live performance with Vinyl Reality during the networking part of the evening.

+ Helen Leigh & Andrew Hockey will bring their Melodic DIY sonic circuit sculpture harp ⚡️ which creates beautiful sounds from an otherworldly body (

We will also have the "Wall Of Opportunities" again, and thanks to The Venue Berlin, we will have a great location for this meetup again and thanks to Berliner Pilsner there will be free beer too.
Yay! :-)

Doors: 6:30 pm
Start presentations: 7 pm (sharp)
Start networking: 8 pm (approx.)
End: 9 pm

Come, join us and bring your #musictech friends along.

We look forward to having you with us!

PS.: If you would like to set up an installation, please send us a message. A few spots are left.

PPS: The next meetup editions - in June and August - will be at an awesome outdoor location. :-) Stay tuned!

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Veranstaltung: April 29, 2019 18:30 - 21:00

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