Communicate successfully beyond cultural differences

Communicate successfully beyond cultural differences

September 24, 2019 09:00 - 16:00


The objective of this seminar is to hone your intercultural competencies and thereby support you to establish yourself professionally in Germany. It will raise your awareness for the intricacies of German culture in contrast to your own as well as the other participants’ cultures. This can help you develop strategies to better communicate with potential local clients, colleagues, partners and collaborators, to avoid conflicts and even to navigate the notorious German bureaucracy.

It will also help you to network more successfully in professional and private contexts and can help you to reach out beyond your cultural community (this is not just referring to a national identity but can also be applicable to bridging other cultural contexts, like certain art scenes, creative and business communities etc.)

It can even enrich your social life and help you burst out of the “expat bubble” (should you feel stuck in one).

You will be introduced to a set of cultural dimensions and standards. However these are not introduced and utilized in the sense of strict guidance or generally applicable recipes to unlock another culture (as these do not really exist) but as an invitation to reflect your own experiences, question critical incidents and their outcomes, apply to your own situations and thereby broaden your scope of options, actions and possibilities of positive outcomes.
You will experience a positive, respectful atmosphere that promotes mutual support. Several teamwork scenarios will enable you to harness the experiences and knowledge of the whole group to find better options and new perspective for your individual intercultural communication and exchange.

This course is for you if
you are an artist or creative individual with an idea or project that you want to establish or are already running in Berlin
you are a creative or artistic freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner and want to improve your knowledge of the intricacies of intercultural communication
you are new in Berlin or have been living here for a while and find it easier to follow a course in English than in German
you are a local and want to connect and exchange ideas with creatives from different cultural backgrounds while practicing to communicate in English
you are an open minded and respectful individual that wants to meet people with different cultural backgrounds

Duration: 1 day, 8 hours
Trainer: Sebastian Adelung, Intercultural Trainer / Coach

Event Times

Veranstaltung: September 24, 2019 09:00 - 16:00

Fees & Opening Hours

For taking part in our EU supported workshops we charge a €30 or €90 service fee.
Please note that this fee also covers up to a total of 40 hours from our course program (both English and German courses) – so you might want to have another look at and see if there we have anything else on now or later that interests you.

This is possible because the program is partly funded by the European Union – which however means that there are some formalities and paperwork that are required by the funding body and need to be filled out before you can participate. Basically you need to agree that anonymised participation data may be collected and analyzed – as the EU is of course interested in what types of artists and creatives actually make use of the program and also if and how taking a course with us has been helpful.

You can find these forms on our website. Unfortunately they are only available in German as of now because we have started including English courses only recently. If you have any difficulties understanding and filling out these, we are more than happy to do it with you at the beginning of your booked seminar. If you can, you might want to show up 10-15 minutes early so this does not take away from actual seminar time. Any which way, we will happily assist you with these formal requirements right then and there.

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