MOST WANTED: MUSIC convention Photo: Berlin Music Commission


MOST WANTED: MUSIC convention Photo: Berlin Music Commission
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Am Krögel 2
10179 Berlin


Here's what you can expect at MOST WANTED: MUSIC convention!

MW:M is Berlin's most important event for education and networking in the music industry, marketing and MusicTech. Under the motto, "Where You Shape The Future of Creativity", creativity in the present and the future will be the focus of the conference, held at Berlin's Alte Münze. Over two days, VR, 360-degree videos, immersive music production, the interplay of artificial intelligence and big data and marketing, as well as innovative human-computer interactions will be the thrust centre-stage for attendees from the creative industry. Which digital offerings are already revolutionizing the music industry, and how can existing technical developments be exploited for a sustainable business strategy?

And as for participation, one thing is certain: MW:M is open for experiments and you can expect to try a lot out! MW:M will dig into these innovations via the practical functions of the music business: topics such as live entertainment, label management, marketing, new work and legal issues relating to digital media and branded entertainment are on the agenda. Among the speakers live on stage are Kelly Snook – founder of Kepler Concordia and NASA scientist, Ian Forrester – R&D firestarter at BBC and developer of the "Perceptive Media" storytelling approach, Annett Polaszewski-Plath – Managing Director/Managing Director of Eventbrite Germany, Alex Jacobi – CEO of Audiovisual Intelligence and host of the podcast "With Love and Data", Steve Steward – CEO & co-founder of Vezt, and Mandy Aubry – Director of Global Business Development and Client Relations at Songtrust.

Some of the speakers:
KELLY SNOOK– Co-Founder | Founder Kepler Concordia | professor at University of Brighton | former NASA scientist
OLIVER BRESCH, Director Brand Partnership & Media, Live Nation BP & M GmbH
CHRISTIAN RICKERTS– state secretary, Senat Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin
JUSTIN HALSALL, Developer Advocate IBM
GREG MARSHALL General Manager AFEM (Association For Electronic Music)
CLIFF FLUTE – Managing Director Eleven Advisory | Partner Lewis Silkin
IAN FORRESTER – R&D Firestarter BBC | Developer of "Perceptive Media"
MANDY AUBRY – Director of Global Business Development and Client Relations Songtrust
ANNETT POLASZEWSKI-PLATH – Managing Director Eventbrite Germany
ALEX JACOBI– CEO Audiovisual Intelligence | Host With Love and Data Podcast
ANJA SCHNEIDER– Director Sous Music | DJ, producer, radio host
MAX PÖLZL, Head of Sponsoring ICS
CHRISTOPH NAGEL , International Manager Europe Kickstarter
RALPH PIGHIN, Vice President Central & Eastern Europe Deezer
FRANZISKA KOLETZKI-LAUTER, Psychologist / Consultant self-employed
STEVE MAYALL, Managing Director Music Ally
GORDON RAPHAEL, Musician, Composer, Producer Shoplifter Records
JOVANKA WILSDORF, Musician / Artist Profiler / Speaker BMG Rights Management
STEVE STEWARD– CEO & Co-Founder Vezt
ALEXANDER LANGER, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Business Punk

Find more speakes here:

We’ve pulled the international experts from the cutting edge together in one place - now all we need is you. So block out 7-8 November in your calendar and get ready to step into tomorrow’s music business. Tickets are a steal at 54,00 € + tax and fee - and are available here:

Fees & Opening Hours

Monday -Tuesday
Wednesday -Thursday
09:00 - 23:55
Friday -Sunday

Opening hours apply only to 7 and 8 November 2018 in Berlin. Location: Alte Münze / Spreewerkstätten.


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