Solidarity in Cultural Work

Solidarity in Cultural Work

October 11, 2018 15:30 - 18:30

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No such thing as first-time failure! Someone has already faced that struggle. Culture Backstage presents an event featuring workshops with industry professionals. Organised by young cultural entrepreneurs from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland, the workshops are free of charge and open to cultural entrepreneurs based in Berlin .

Creative re-appropriation of urban space
with Rüdiger Lange, Loop Raum

The interim use (Zwischennutzung) of sites is becoming increasingly popular, especially in big cities like Berlin. The practice activates abandoned buildings, brings forgotten districts back to life and offers emerging artists a place to work and exhibit. It seems to be a win-win situation for both property owners and art communities. Nevertheless, the concept itself is becoming controversial due to the gentrification of Berlin. The workshop will consist of a discussion and method-exchange with curator Rüdiger Lange, who works in close cooperation with real estate developers, repurposing vacant buildings all over the city. The participants of the workshop will get a chance to learn the newest advances in the interim use of sites and reflect on the advantages, problems and risks that accompany this urban practice.

What Moves You?
with Diego Agulló, independent researcher and performer

The workshop is divided in two parts:
1. Introduction to the practice of Silent talks.
This practice focuses on exercising the inherent wisdom of the body. We will train the attention, relaxation, alertness and awareness in the present moment and the power of the organs, successfully combining control and instinct and exercising the intuition and power of the imagination in order to spread the energy throughout the body. The purpose of introducing this physical practice in this specific context is to highlight the radical difference between competition and dialogue.
2. Lecture on Ambition and Life Trajectories.
The premise of this lecture is that we are made to believe in ambition because ambition is something good. There is a benevolent mantra that tells us to “be ambitious”, but, what if ambition is politicized and ideologized? Diego Agulló attempts to unfold some of the ethical implications of being an artist in our time of creative capitalism. The concept of “anartism” will be used to introduce an ongoing process of spectral oscillation as a life practice.

Solidarity, migration & culture
with Leila Haghighat, PhD candidate at Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien

Dealing with places 1:1
with Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, member of the architectural collective Raumlaborberlin

RAUMLABOR works together with experts and the city community in its cross-disciplinary projects. In their research-based practice, they see themselves as initiators of processes, aiming to give actors the opportunity to know, understand and use the city, both in regards to its dynamics and its possibilities. This summer, they initiated THE FLOATING UNIVERSITY in Berlin. Currently, they are working on the projects ‘MAKING FUTURES BAUHAUS +’ and ‘Haus der Statistik’ in Berlin. This workshop will be a conversation with Benjamin about participation in city development. The real place where a project is located and the daily life that takes place there offer new areas of action that we can discover and explore, in order to connect and make collaborations possible. We will exchange ideas about methods of project initiation and talk about how serious participation operates and what we can do to address a diverse audience.

Publishing today: Gesellschaftsmagazin as a project
with Dr Milosz Paul Rosinski, an artist, writer, and scholar, who is involved in various multimedia projects and practices besides ROM.

Established in 2018, ROM is a contemporary magazine about society and digitization. As a collaborative project, every day marks a process of growth, change, and transformation — from issue to series, from text to illustration, and from page to Instagram. This performative workshop lead by one editor of the magazine tackles the following questions: "What is a magazine? What is design? What is content?", while simultaneously showcasing what, in practice, a successful example can look like. The participants will excavate, by means of both abstract and practical multimedia elements, the importance of decision-making, project management, and creativity. For Milosz, these key skills express themselves through attitudes, styles, intuition and vision within the monstrous, beautiful, and frustrating labour of magazine publishing today.

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Veranstaltung: October 11, 2018 15:30 - 18:30



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