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Berlin-based Kinetics Art Studio, seeks an Art Studio Manager/Executive Director to oversee the day-to-day operation of its production studio in Berlin, art, architecture and design projects, and both art professionals and public relations. It’s a one-of-its-kind production studio, which seeks a very special creative manager to carry out the mission of its Creative Director, and seek and support the ways in which it brings the projects to fruition.
Roles and Responsibilities
In this full-time position, the Manager is the day-to-day lead for the studio, general manager of the organization, and at all times fully supports the mission of the organization and its Creative Director. Due to the current situation the work can be performed remotely.
The Manager’s job is cross-functional and includes strategic direction and curation for the organization, project management, and liaison to collaborating art professionals. We seek an individual who has a strong hold on and familiarity with contemporary art and public art. Prior experience as an art gallery director/ assistant, or art museum professional is highly desirable.
Your position will require and will have duties of:
• A general manager
• A liaison to external curators, museums, foundations, interior designers and architects
• Experience in producing and running events and exhibitions
• excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Computer-literate and Windows PC- and MS Word-proficient
• Experience in public speaking
• Photoshop experience is highly desirable but not mandatory
We are a windows-based production studio, with no MAC computers available on-premises.
The Manager’s responsibilities extend throughout the following categories, but are not limited to:
• The Manager works directly with the Creative Director in all operational capacities as needed to implement the organization’s vision and actualize projects. The Manager communicates directly with the Creative Director, and while collaborative decisions are preferred, final decisions rest with the Creative Director.
Project Management & art professionals liaison
• The Manager is the primary point-of-contact for all projects initiated by the organization, as well as all projects brought into the organization via our database of art professionals.
Identifying New projects
• The Manager maintains a constant pulse on and knowledge of art events and art projects in the world, keeping an eye out for art projects and professional art calls which profile fits the criteria of the studio.
• The Manager regularly reports to the Creative Director with a complete presentation of the potential projects for the studio space (this includes online investigation/research)
Necessary Qualities and Skills:
• professional communicator (both in-person and written)
• strong knowledge of all social networks marketing platforms
• excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Initiative-taker, but rule-follower
• detail-oriented and careful
• Comfortable with a wide variety of tasks and responsibilities
• Willingness and desire to accept and take on new challenges for professional growth
• Strong customer service skills
• Ability to prioritize, and work well under deadlines
• Highly organized, with the ability to handle multiple priorities at once
Necessary Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree
• Minimum of 2 years of related professional experience
• curatorial experience at an art studio, gallery or a professional art institution, foundation etc.
• Experience working with and/or knowledge of contemporary art
• Experience working independently with minimal supervision
• Proven ease of establishing relationships with new contractors.
• Salary: depends on experience, to be discussed during a personal meeting. (You will be compensated with a base salary + commission from organized & accomplished projects and originated sales. Our studio has an inventory of artworks and design projects in a price range of seven-figure numbers, and we offer a generous commission of up to 33% depending on your involvement and organization skills)
Work environment:
• Studio space in Berlin (current location for meetings, but due to the fact that we conduct projects worldwide you can work in any other city remotely in the future with us. Under current Covid conditions this is a remote job but with weekly personal meetings or video conference calls on a daily basis as required.
Our main locations of activities include but are not limited to NYC, LA, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Gulf region.

Our fields of activities include:
Art production in any conventional sense, architectural projects, interior design, yacht design, light and media facades design, fashion design, and film production. If you have experience working as an art professional in these fields we encourage you to submit alone with the resume your creative portfolio.
We are an American company (New York City Corporation) and looking for a fluent English speaking manager, + German or French as a conversational language.
Please include in your submission:
• Cover Letter stating your goals and main strengths
• Professional CV
• If you are an art professional you may include your artistic portfolio, it is a plus
• Please provide links to your LinkedIn and at least one more social profile (Facebook, Insta etc) accounts. Due to the nature of this particular position applications without a LinkedIn profile will not be considered.
• Your desired salary.
• Please indicate what social network marketing platform is your main expertise.
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Dec 30, 2020

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