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Fundraising Specialist
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AnalogDream e.V. is offering one part-time Fundraising Specialist position for a fluent German and English speaker to secure and increase the provision of funding streams in order to carry out our objectives and increase opportunities for developing new and existing projects. You will be working directly with the Founder and COO to develop key income streams such as major donors, individual donations, and secure corporate sponsorships. The post holder needs to be someone hungry to take on a big project and make it their own. The post holder will be a key player in building AnalogDream’s strategic overview for strength, resiliency, and growth. This role requires a minimum of one year of experience.


AnalogDream e.V. operates at the intersection of contemporary art and engineering, focussing our diverse range of skills and expertise on exploring how both fields can mutually enhance the capabilities of the other. Bringing together painters, coders, dancers, engineers, audio artists and filmmakers to pose a myriad of urgent questions through both the artwork we produce and the means by which we produce it.

AnalogDream e.V. strives to utilise technology to empower both its members and its audiences. Distinct to our work, each performance makes use of various AI sensory hardware that we are continually developing to expand the ways in which our artwork can be displayed and interacted with. On a thematic level, our work investigates the ways in which we endure, but may also overcome, the intertwined violence of gender, religion and shame inflicted onto our bodies as they exist within contemporary Western societies governed by such structural forces.

Through the combination of our minds, talent and creativity we hope to sublimate humanity, its diversity and its vulnerability through our artwork. Ultimately, we seek to materialise a vision of society where humanity transcends its current afflictions to become more honest, genuine, and present acceptance as the new valuta.


Based in Berlin, we have embraced remote working with our team distributed across several countries within the western world such as Denmark, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, and Austria to name a few. We’re a diverse team of art, technology, engineering, and business professionals combining visual art, performance, and technology to produce immersive and interactive artistic experiences for both public and private presentation.

All teammates are key players with real responsibilities contributing to the strength, longevity, resilience and growth of the association. You’ll be a core member of the internal team, working directly with the Artistic Directors, Business Development Officer, Graphic Designer, and our Communications Advisor in a start-up environment where your opinions, insight, and experience will be highly valued and implemented. You’ll be given artistic license to structure the festival’s marketing campaigns and communication strategies to determine the best practices to communicate our vision to the public.


Income Generation
- Manage, support and develop imaginative fundraising activities, many of which will be events-based.
- Raise capital, build partnerships, while maintaining and developing relationships with existing supporters.
- Deliver presentations to interested groups.
- Develop, broaden and secure corporate support, major donors, and benefactors.
- Develop and coordinate web-based fundraising, art auctions and commercial sales.

Strategic Direction
- Develop and update a strategic plan to guide fundraising activities and revenue generation.
- Work in conjunction with the Founder, COO and Grant Writer to have a good overall understanding of all revenue streams to maintain and update the fundraising and communications budgets.
- Make risk analyses and balancing time-cost ratios to focus effort on the fundraising activities that are most appropriate and will have the highest chance of success.
- Track and measure fundraising performance to identify areas for improvement, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short and long-term goals and milestones, and make adjustments as needed.
- Research to develop an understanding of the EU’s public and commercial fine art market, events industry, and their trends to generate and present reports to the management team.
- Stay abreast of fundraising good practices and legislation, ensuring compliance with the legal codes of practice.
- Network with other fundraisers and charity staff when possible.

PR & Marketing
- Work with the Founder and Communications Officer to raise the profile of the organisation, its projects, successes, and plans for growth through both social media and the press.
- Collaborate with the Communications Officer to integrate sponsorship programs with the digital and print marketing strategies.
- Raise awareness of the organisation and our work at local and national levels, e.g. securing brand partnerships or seeking photo opportunities with the media.
- Write applications and mail-shots, using direct emailing to reach a range of potential donors.

- Plan, budget and forecast income.
- Prepare and present fundraising reports to the management team.
- Maintain the fundraising database and documents.
- Work with the Grant Writer to prepare reports for successful execution of secured grants and how they were used.
- Capture learning to feed forward into future engagements to further reduce risk and increase project delivery success.


- Professional written and verbal communication in English and German.
- At least one year of previous experience in business development, entrepreneurial, start-up, or similar role in the not-for-profit sector.
- Ability to work during regular CET (Central European Time) work hours and a willingness to work variable hours which will include occasional weekend and evening work - particularly as we lead up to opening nights for each project we produce.
- Own a personal computer with standard audio-visual capabilities and a stable internet connection.
- Experience networking and liaising with clients, stakeholders, sponsors and major donors.
- Strong presentation creation skills (G-suites, HubSpot, PowerPoint).
- Process-driven with extraordinary organisation and impeccable attention to detail.
- Effective, clear, and consistent written and verbal communication, comfortable working with a wide range of people – from technical engineers, art curators, high-earning donors, grant representatives, writers, producers, volunteers, and the wider business.
- A proactive self-starter, creative problem-solver, and accountable approach to tasks and goals.
- Proven ability for multitasking in a deadline-driven environment, and completing projects within deadlines independently and as a team player.
- Strong initiative, able to excel in a fast-paced environment, with the capacity to pivot/adapt to changes as projects evolve and priorities quickly change.


- Communicates honestly, openly and consistently.
- A proactive self-starter, innovative problem-solver, values integrity, and accountable approach to tasks, goals, and responsibilities.
- Remains motivated and enthusiastic in the face of challenges.
- Adopts a flexible, adaptable approach to tasks and relationships.
- Is positive and resilient, with an entrepreneurial mindset.
- Has a commitment to equality, inclusivity and diversity.
- Is an honest and direct communicator with the internal team, with the capacity to receive constructive criticism effectively.


- Familiarity or proficiency with French.
- Working experience in a corporate environment is an asset.
- A passion for arts and culture with a keen interest in the intersection of social activism, art and technology.
- Experience in a business or not-for-profit environment.
- Academic or professional experience in public, commercial fine art, and/or the not-for-profit/charity sector.
- Certifiable education in applied business or a related field.
- Entrepreneurial mindset.
- Passion for LGBTGIA+, gender performance, and social inequalities.

To apply please submit your CV and any relevant previous work or links to a portfolio.
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Jun 15, 2021

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