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Open Call - IN//BETWEEN #8 Artist Residency


Open Call - IN//BETWEEN #8 Artist Residency
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Green Hill Gallery is pleased to announce the open call for our IN//BETWEEN #8 art residency and exhibition program. In//Between is not just an exhibition - it is a collaborative project that brings together artists from different cultures and parts of the world.

In//Between is about creating a space that does not belong to any artist, culture, language, art form, or discipline. For four weeks, the artists selected will get the chance to examine the ways they have previously seen and done things and look to what lies ahead: an open canvas, a blank role of film, a block of clay, an idea or vision that has not been thought of before.

Throughout this residency, the artists will collaborate to build a unique exhibition that showcases the nexus between cross-cultural dialogue, experience, and growth. Therefore, they will create a space where diversity will be leading the way.

Accepted artists must commit to attend all planning, preparation, gathering, and discussion evenings. The work for this exhibition must be created between the initial group meeting and the opening of the exhibition. Previously created works will not be accepted. In our next Residency, Green Hill Gallery will be available as a studio space for all In//Between artists from 24 August to 23 September 2022. The residency will be followed by an exhibition at the Green Hill Gallery, from 23 Spetember to 20 October 2022. The Vernissage will occur on 23 September 2022.

Who should apply?
This program is suited for any artists who are interested in working in an environment that is characterized by exchange, open-mindedness, diversity and community. Artists who are willing and open to discussions, feedback, and working in a group context will be a perfect fit for this program. Selected Applicants have to be in Berlin during the entire period of the residency from August 24 through September 23, 2022. The program supports emerging and established artists working with any medium. Applicants must exhibit foundational skills in creating and exhibiting art through their portfolio submissions.

Because of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, we only accept applications from participants already residing in EU or those that have already obtained Visas.

What do you get?

🎨 Group and One on One coaching and mentoring
🎨 Discussions on current art topics/theory
🎨 Group led outings to studios and exhibitions in 🎨 Berlin for wandering and inspiration
🎨 Organized lunches and outings
🎨 Group brainstorming and critique sessions throughout the residency
🎨 Curatorial support sessions towards the end of the residency
🎨 Residency program housed in a large diverse cultural center
🎨 Community through the cultural center that runs the gallery and residency program
🎨 Studio space to work in as well as a workshop room and community space
🎨 Located in Friedrichshain, central Berlin - a district known for it creativity and diversity
🎨 Vernissage: a collaborative show which will be on exhibition in Green Hill Gallery for 1 month once the residency is done.

Fees & Funding Exceptions:

Due to Corona Pandemic and the challenging situation in the world we’ve set the IN//Between Residency Program fee for the four weeks to 500 Euros. NO application fee. The IN//Between Residency Program fee does not include travel, accommodations, or individual materials.

Artists who apply early will receive a special reduction in costs if they are accepted into the program. For artists who have submitted their application by 15 May the program fee will be reduced from €500 to €400.

Please visit our website for more Details, visual impressions of our latest residency, a list of possible funding options available for artists around the world on a global or national level and the dates for our future residencies:

How to Apply:
Apply by Link:

Early Application Deadline (100 Euro discount): 15.05.2022

Application Deadline: 03.06.2022

Applications Notified: 06.06.2022

If you have questions or need clarifications, please contact us at:
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Jun 3, 2022

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