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Camp Counselor / ESL, TEFL / English Teacher
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Hello English Camp Counselors,

InterACT English gGmbH is the leading independent non-profit company providing cultural and language programs in Germany.

Our Teaching Artists are a diverse, passionate group of teachers from all around the world. They speak and teach English at native-language levels.

We are currently building our Global and Native English Teaching Artist team to teach our Holiday Summer Camps throughout Germany. For our Holiday Camps we work in ages 10 - 16 offering English instruction through cultural exchange, play and creative activities that run for a whole week.

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We will only review applications that comply with the following requirements:
You are a proficient English speaker that can prove C1-C2 level
You have experience instructing or teaching children
You live in Germany and have a valid work visa that allows Freelance work
You have a German tax number and a German bank account
You have a creative passion that you love to share

Legal requirements:
To work with children in Germany you must have a clean Police Report (certificate of good conduct). If you're hired we'll show you how to get this, it takes up to 2-3 weeks to get, it'll cost you 13 € (not reimbursed), you can use it valid for up to 5 years (so you can use it with your other work), and it's super easy to obtain!
CPR Training - To work with children in many of our programs you'll need to be officially certified. Good news, there are plenty of places to sign up for this in Germany, many are in English and InterACT English reimburses for these programs.

Why us?
Earn between 500€ - 815€
Teaching fun camps all over Germany alongside other creatives.
Competitive pay for freelancers (higher than industry standard)
To be part of a fantastic community of creatives. Currently, we have around 80+ Teaching Artists on our team from all over the globe. We are in the process of building a real community all over Germany.
Gig work to add to your freelance portfolio. This type of work is suitable for freelancers that have various other sources of income

What kind of work is this?
This is a FREELANCE CONTRACT position. For further understanding- Basically, once you have completed the onboarding process, training, filled out your availability, your TA (Teaching Artist) registration, we'll then email you work orders that you can accept or decline and begin your journey towards your project for that week.

Where are many of InterACT's programs
90% of InterACT English's programs are outside of Berlin. Please keep in mind that your availability has to come with the availability to travel. It is also mandatory that our Teaching Artists are at the location before the program starts and will generally need to travel the day before the program starts (ie: If the program goes from Monday to Friday, you will arrive at the location on Sunday, teach through the week and leave on Friday after the program is over). Please check out our website to learn more about our programs and amazing Teaching Artists!

Will there be training?
Absolutely! You can't teach our programs unless you are certified with completing our onboarding processes that includes: Company knowledge and program onboarding, classroom management, and learning our curriculums.

How do I apply?
If you've made it this far and feel that this job sounds like a place where you can be passionate, successful, and have a positive impact on the youth of the communities, then let's begin the process ASAP!

Please click 'Apply' and upload your CV and Cover Letter

Please list answers to these questions in your cover letter.
What made you decide to move to Germany? If you’re from Germany, if you could choose one place in the world to teach, where would it be and why?
Please tell me about your experience with teaching / instructing children.
Tell us something about a teacher you had that has left a positive impression on you. Did he / she / they inspire some of your teaching methods?
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Jul 4, 2022

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