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Motion graphics and Video Director



I am Simao, and I am a kickass producer, thoughtful storyteller and video crafter. I live in Berlin designing and building beautiful content for startups.
I can create live-action or motion graphics videos for your brand or product, with the help of a group of artists and professionals from Berlin. You can see a small amount of my content on my website at

I work with a skilled network of freelancers to take care of any project, no matter how big or small, and give you the best prices and the neatest work in the market.

Projects we excel at:
- Company Videos
- Product Video
- Instructional Videos
- Promo Videos
- Motion graphics intros/outros, inserts, etc.
- Documentary Filmmaking
- Fiction Filmmaking

Please get in touch with me at with your request and I will be sure to answer you quickly and provide you with budgets for your endeavour!


Simao Manuel Pereira

Phone: +4915204805862


Visual Arts, Film & Broadcast, Photography, Games & Interactive, Advertising & PR

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