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The Experiment Magazine is launching its first issue on : Shopping Malls (Winter 2019).

"Not only is shopping melting into everything, but everything is melting into shopping," Sze Tsung Leong, March. '98.

“Cathedrals of consumption”, is a word first coined by George Ritzer, Professor at the University of Maryland, which tell something closer to the truth than one might think. Who can tell nowadays what is the difference between a cathedral and a shopping mall? A shopping mall and a museum? Is there such a difference?

Shopping has colonized stations, airports, museums, hospitals, Internet of course. Between 1992 and 2001, for example, Koolhaas observes in his Guide to Shopping, American museums increased the area of their rooms by 3% and the area of their shops by 29%. What are the public places where citizens gather in large numbers? “Shopping [mall],” also explains the architect. “The shopping, which has become the ultimate activity of the human race.”

In the same way a shopping list can define the household habits of an entire family, of an entire country, shopping malls have the possibility to define an impressive number of cultural, artistic, sociological and anthropological landscapes. Shopping mall are telling us more about the XX century’s culture, ideas and hopes than anything else existent. Both provoke experiences, same as an artwork creates new maps of senses and meaning, differing from each other’s perceptions, past-experiences and culture.

As a last stand, the first issue from The Experiment Magazine wants to challenge the shopping mall’s idea by re-envision it, from its birth to its possible declines, via the views from artists, urban planners, counter thinkers, dreamers, those who see it as a cultural landmark, an obscure spot for old baby-boomers ice-cream meet-up, or others who lives it as simply as they breathe.

We launch a call for gathering around us artists from all disciplines (writers, photographers, designers…) to create a subjective, poetical, curious, kitschy issue around the shopping mall’s meaning in our contemporary society. We are not aiming to do journalism. Or sociological study. Our purpose is to reveal neglected places by re-designing, repurposing, reimagining them through our artistic practices.

Depending on your field, we will develop together concepts, lectures, articles, experimentation to develop our own idea of what a shopping mall could be. Or what it could never be."


Because we want to show our readers that interesting stories comes from basic ideas, objects & concepts that are perpetually recycled by culture, people and the zeitgeist.

Values-what do we believe in?

Complexity. Complementarity. Creativity.

We give readers new perspectives on usually neglected concepts and places that are very often a hub for hidden gems of creativity and ideas.

Personality-how do we want to come across?

Curious, absurd, thrilling, artistic, kitsch, pop, dreamy, poetical, non-journalistic.

Where the project is based?

The project is based in Berlin, Germany. If you are interested, you basically only have to live there, have an interest in the topic and a means to express yourself.

What kind of people are we looking for?

Mostly English-speaking people living in Berlin: artists, designers, painters, writers, economists...

In which language the magazine will be written?

In English.

Will I be paid?

None of us are paid. There is also no fancy job title. But there will a lot of fun, I promise, and further collaborations around one or several exhibition.

What should I do if I am interested in the project?

Send an email to TXPmagazine(at) Drop us a line about who you are, your work and how much you are willing to collaborate with us.


The Experiment Magazine
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