Offering Facilities

Shared Office / Shop Office / Berlin


Do you need workspace in a beautifull shop office in Berlin-Neukölln? We are looking for great people for our community office. Advantage: It is a shop office. There is a room facing the street with a shop window. The room will remain empty for creative use (e.g. workshops, meetings, small events). The back rooms are perfect for working undisturbed. We are a small, creative team consisting of a musician, a graphic designer and an animation artist. Location: Between Rathaus-Neukölln and Weserstraße Costs: Approximately €250 (including everything) It starts in February. All renovations will be completed by february (e.g. the floor will be new, there will be a little kitchen) so do not be shocked by the raw condition in the photos. Are you interested? Write me if you want to visit the space, I’ll be glad to show you.




Design, Photography, Advertising & PR

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