Offering Facilities

We are building the music house to end them all!


We are overseeing the construction and curation of Berlin’s largest concentrated and highest quality professional music producers house & community. It’s very exciting to bring another 100+ isolated and acoustically treated rooms to the city that needs them so desperately.

Below is detailed information about the studios and our project, and how to contact us:

So, we offer High end acoustic treatment (think world class mastering studio level acoustics).

Want a mixing room that will allow your tracks to translate effortlessly to other playback systems and environments? With this kind of treatment, you can trust that what you are hearing is what is coming out of your speakers.

We have made a substantial investment in treating the spaces, but there is always room for improvement: Tenants have the option to go further with their acoustic treatment at production cost from Kiss Your Ears: The Berlin Based Bass Trap Specialists - this means you can continue upgrades to build your dream studio at less than the cost of DIY.

Isolation between the rooms

Getting knocks on the door when trying to tune your sub bass and kicks?

Paper thin walls in your current workspace ruining the comfortable connection with your music? In these rooms, you can relax and connect!

Furthermore, there are no bands in our producer sanctuary.

Private garden. Over 10.000 m2 private garden. This is the true heart of the community.

Bistro cafe with changing chefs and innovative vegan food & occasional pop up dinners.

Fast internet. There are even separate IP addresses for different areas.

Several stages of Security doors, as well as a Hausmeister.

24/7 access.

Private event space. There is a 600 m2 open air space with stage area and sound system for private events.

Great infrastructure: Extremely good heating, green energy and a private bathroom for every 3 studios

Safe long term contracts: It’s no secret that many of the music producers houses are shWe will not kick you out, and we are shutting down to make way for hotels and offices. We are here to stay!

Customisation options for set up. Like our concept and wanna be in it for the long term? We can build your studio Bespoke.


That is the real value. Not only to push you to excel but to support you when you’re down. We all face similar struggles, and our power is in numbers.

Now, this is curated - Meaning we are choosing cool people to be part of a unique community with real substance and critical mass. This means, if you are rude or inappropriate in the emails, we will not be offering you anything - please bear that in mind. We don’t give a room to just anyone. We have put years of work into this so far just to realise it so we don’t even answer when we get unprofessional or pushy emails.

We can only respond to emails, and only in our own time.

If you would like to arrange a viewing with us, contact

I need a music studio “at” gmail “dot” com

We look forward to hearing from you!


The next rooms are now available to view.


Jeremy Chan