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OPEN CALL for artists


aejaa is an online performance space.
An environment created for people to share creative efforts in real time, it was conceived out of the need to collaborate remotely, without compromising audio or visual quality. Aejaa is not bound to certain styles or genres or trends. It is made to keep artists motivated and creative in a sharing environment.
aejaa becomes a new medium with its own features. Rather than emulating a physical setting, or substituting the experience of a physical performance, it provides a means for experimenting and exploring.
With close to 40 performances, with more than 70 performers from around the world in just ten weeks
aejaa becomes an emerging ground for new ideas that promote creativity and collaboration.

Aiming to expanding our artistic community, further exploring a medium that is being continually
morphed by its own qualities, advantages and limitations, aejaa is sending out an open call to artists of all disciplines.
We are welcoming ideas and art projects from all kinds of artists; music performers and composers,
visual and sonic artists, performance artists, writers, directors, multimedia creators and more.
Send us your ideas at with a brief description, accompanied with short bios and contact info and we would be happy to start discussing their production in the forthcoming months.
Visit our platform for past and upcoming performances at

Submission deadline: 30 Oct 2020

Artistic creation is in constant feedback with the community that supports it. Let’s keep feeding this loop.


Andreas Levisianos



Visual Arts, Film & Broadcast, Photography, Music, Theatre & Dance

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