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Authentic Art, Literary and Theme Venues


MISSION: These concepts for contextualist’s VENUES would transform the city into a cityscape of restaurants, cafés and event spaces that would look like art galleries and literary stages with different narratives (themes), and with an indelible visual and creative impact. Interior design inspired by art museum collections, literature and different narratives

Coming after the difficult pandemic time, these venues would be a new pulse of the urban life, and would reinvent cultural life of the city and the restaurant business

The concepts have attracted INTEREST of some of the most renowned art museums (in the U.S. and Europe), a library, a bookstore chain, and more.

The innovative concepts would be an OPPORTUNITY for:
- art museums, art galleries, libraries, bookstores and other cultural institutions to have unique dining, meeting and resting venues inspired by their own collections;
- restaurateurs (especially emerging ones) that their venues stand out from the rest;
- event organizers to have original stages with diverse opportunities

They would also create opportunities for other innovative people and ideas (e.g., the submission of art photography, original furniture design, fashion design, etc.).

Working on finding the logistic support and establishing an interdisciplinary creative team for venues that could become a new city landmark. Collaborators needed in the cultural sector, the restaurant business and investment

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Tatjana Jovanovic



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