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Whats the film about?
The film focuses on a 37-45 year old woman with a preference for younger partners, on her search for love and genuine human connection. The viewer follows her along as she lives though a Berlin summer, filled with various relationships, adventurous sex, freedom, parties, broken hearts and judgement.
It is the film's goal to address the stigma and double standards surrounding age gap relationships between an older woman and younger men.

Style wise we are looking for a very realistic, naturalistic look. We are looking to showcase reality as it is.
Possible references:
-The work of Ulrich Seidel
-The work of Michael Haneke
-Der Brief (
-Fish Tank by Andrea Arnold

What are we looking for?
We are currently looking for shooting locations. We are looking for a big loft apartment a wealthy middle aged man would live in. Reference pictures are to be found here:

Festival goals:
As the director's (Doroteya Droumeva) short film "Der Brief", won at Cannes in the year 2011, "The Vagabonds" will be showcased at Cannes 2022. The film is possibly to also be submitted to other festivals, however, Cannes is our main goal.

You can find the film "Der Brief" here:
You can find the Cannes prize certification for it here:

Production and time frame:
Regarding the production of the film, the shooting schedule encompasses 28 days throughout the months of August and September. Regarding the shooting in your apartment, this would only encompass one, if not two days of shooting.

The production in question is a non commercial, independent indie production. Due to this, we are working with a very low budget and cannot at this point offer any monetary payment. However we do offer the opportunity for you to be on set and witness a film production, as well as two tickets to the CANNES film festival 2022, where the film will premiere.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us at:

-Doroteya Droumeva (Director):
-Chelsea Brünger (Producer):
-Sophie Deferenne (1. Assistant director):
-Jasper Soerns (2. Assistant director):


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