CCB Magazine #3

Fresh and in color: "The Big Good Future" #3 focusing on sustainability and culture is now available. 

Over 100 pages, countless ideas, one issue - our new print magazine focusing on sustainability and culture is on the table! This time, we've compiled a number of ideas: There are the fashion designers who produce recyclable collections. There are the artists who practice a stoppage of consumption. And there are those who are ecologically redesigning Berlin's clubs or founding entire villages on the outskirts of the city. We visited and accompanied the makers of Berlin for this issue. We visited their production and project spaces, confronted them with scientific perspectives and fed their positions back to science. In doing so, we never focus on just one industry and do not reduce sustainability to an ecological issue. We also address new ways of financing, discuss the question of space and outline alternatives to social security. In short, we bring together the expert knowledge needed for a sustainable society. "The Big Good Future" #3 is the first magazine to bring together the individual cultural sectors in matters of sustainability.

You want the magazine? Either read it digitally here or order it free of charge and without postage.

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