Aliina Lindroos

Aliina Lindroos


Aliina Lindroos is a Finnish dancer, choreographer and performer based in Dublin, Ireland. She trained in Vaganova ballet in Ståhlberg Academy of Ballet in Lahti, Finland. After finishing school in 2007 and moving to Dublin, she became involved with contemporary dance. Aliina completed her BA (Hons) in Drama and Music in University College Dublin in 2012. She was a founding member of UCD Dance as well as the group's head choreographer in fusion dance. In 2012-13 she finished a degree in Master of Arts in Theatre in Gaiety School of Acting/National University of Ireland.

While Aliina practises interdisciplinary performance art, dance and physical theatre remain her principal domains. She has been a performing member of CoisCéim Creative Steps Dance Theatre since 2010 and has trained for example with Emma O'Kane and Philippa Donnellan. She has collaborated with international choreographers and companies such as Raimund Hoghe (Pina Bausch), Luca Silvestrini Protein Dance Company, Nic Green and John Scott (Irish Modern Dance Theatre). In addition to Creative Steps' ongoing shows, she has performed in Young People, Old Voices at Dublin Dance Festival 2010, Trilogy at Dublin Fringe Festival Sep 2010, (In)Visible Dance at Dublin Dance Festival 2012.

Her dance piece Gender - The Longest Performance Of Your Life was premiered in Smock Alley Theatre July 2013. In October 2013 Aliina joined in Dance Theatre of Ireland residency as part of DTI's Creating Space to work on a dance solo based on case studies of seasonal affective disorder. Year 2014 has included training in Gaga movement, performance art piece with Austrian Alina Helal, performing at International Dance Day Dublin, performing in Dublin Dance Festival highlight Tundra by Emma Martin Dance, Selma Daniel's dance film Absent Instincts, French Leonie Prax Productions' Lolita and Cycle 2: The Dream Work by Collaborative Artists Company.

Human reactions to one's environment, surroundings and other external forces are significant catalysts for Aliina Lindroos' personal work. In other words she is fascinated by the relationship between mind and body and how bodies reflect internal states caused by physical environment. With that comes interest towards concepts of natural and artificial within identity construction.

Growing up in Finland, Northern Europe surrounded by the forests, lakes, fields and the diverse wildlife (and thus being closely connected to nature) has had a deep impact on Aliina as a person. After seeing various places and not being constantly in touch with nature, she has become increasingly curious to explore the complex relationship between nature and technology as well. Considering this and her Nordic background it is not surprising that advanced human rights and environmentalism have been the very foundation of the content of the works so far.

Currently Aliina works as a freelance dance artist and is open for new work proposals. She is interested in finding new imaginative, daring and creative performers, writers, directors, choreographers, visual artists, film makers, sound designers, musicians, costume designers and photographers to collaborate with.


Feb. 6, 1988
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