Takeru Kurumi Photo: On Tour

Takeru Kurumi

CEO/ Owner/ Founder ~ EDO Production (Audiovisual Media Designer), Bishamons Repliken Schmiede (Samurai Armor & Weapon Blacksmith), Oni~Ryô (Producer of spirits), HGT99 Tattoo Studio (Tebori Tattooer)


Kurumi Takeru TK/ Yuki ~
Born in the 80’s.
Yuki got to know the german subculture and art scene.

Since 2006, Yuki has devoted himself to a very traditional art of tattooing: “Tebori”.

With the support of his mentor Kyoya Meiyo he accomplished various full body motives which won prizes at international tattoo conventions. Two years later, Yuki set up his first tattoo studio in Berlin / second Shinjuku and started to exhibit weekly at international tattoo conventions.

During this time, he also organized and participated in various social and voluntary projects in Japan and Germany.

In 2008, together with Ishida Makoto, he founded “Kyosara Industries” with its headquarters in Bunkyô (Japan).
In order to not only preserve but also share Japanese culture, they organized support associations with Japanese galleries in Germany and collected funding for cultural shows and events.

In 2018, Yuki opened his “Oni~Ryo Manufactory” in Berlin, producing various spirits and liqueurs with local ingredients as well as a fine selection of tea from Japan.

In 2019, after a successful three years of training to become an Audiovisual Media Designer, Yuki started his multimedia company “Edo Production”.

The company focuses on audio visuals, editing and subtitling (including translations from Japanese to German).
Many TV Anime & J-Dorama have already been produced in cooperation with Edo Production. It further supports independent sub-groups on German Anime/Stream platforms that have existed since before Edo Production.

In 2020, the blacksmith’ workshop for replicas, “Bishamon Replicas” (毘沙門のレプリカ鍛冶) was opened by Yuki. Original samurai armor, kitchen knifes and katanas are created with traditional smithery and are offered for sale on medieval markets and festivals.

He has been carrying on this craft for three years at his colleague’s blacksmith workshop for Viking replicas and has recently started to merely focus on Japanese blacksmithery.


Dec. 27, 1985


Visual Arts
Event Industry
Film & Broadcast
Advertising & PR