Catia Nobrega

Catia Nobrega

Freelance Fashion/Jewelry Designer

IYV Jewelry

IYV reads /iːv/ Eve.

Eve is To Breathe, To Live, To Give Life.

Reflecting its name origins, IYV was created with emphasis on the idea of Slow fashion as a trigger.

All the jewelry works are handmade with devotion through a filter of soaking light. All specially designed for the muse in you.

Slowing down the pulse of life clear lines and sharp cuts channel the energy of the many ancient cultures creating sensual and fierce pieces as tools of expression.

The symbiosis of the instrument and the body - the breath.

IYV Jewelry Photo: Style & Photo by KCTV

Promotional IYV Jewelry
Cátia Nóbrega & Madalena Graça wearing IYV
Video by KCTV
Sound Design by Andre Hencleeday
Hair & Make-up by Kenny Campbell