Der Sandmann: a collection of shadows

„The world of DER SANDMANN“ - by Christina Heurig

This caleidoscope of images, made of shadows, projections, ghosts and a wicked mind, features the soul-crushing journey of an irritated spirit. E.T.A. Hoffmanns Story „Der Sandmann“ follows a fearful boy, who mistakes a nightly visitor for a horrific creature who steals eyes from children. Shadows, fear and wicked dreams follow him throughout his life and lead him into another reality - which becomes more real than his actual life.

The images of DER SANDMANN are part of the bachelor project (2017), which features two composed diary books made by the protagonist of Hoffmanns „Sandmann“.
Photographies - printet on foil - along with notes and compositions of old science documents create a portal to phantasy and another reality.

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