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Infantellina Contemporary Berlin

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Domino, daughter of an architect from Genoa and an artist from Berlin, has art in
her veins. She studied with many Italian and foreign teachers in order to acquire a
profound knowledge of different techniques. Throughout the years she has
enriched her own abilities thanks to the experimentation using different materials.
Travelling and living in Europe, Africa and the USA have enriched her cultural and
human background. Above all her endeavor focuses on the use of unusual materials
which she elaborates into a conceptual message, in which the ambivalence of
appearance and reality is always present. The concept is never only a one-way,
ironic game, but her aim is to involve the observer in the interpretation process,
which is never static or one-dimensional, but leads to the sensation of reality’s
complexity. Her works are present in many private and public collections
throughout Italy, Europe and the USA. Her works face, like its characteristic, the
topics of the human truths, decomposing them in unexpected point of view. The
materials used, are inusual nevertheless of common use, the artist attributes a new
use to those objects loading them with a symbolic valence. Domino circumscribes
the subjects reinterpreteting the intrinsic essence and encouraging a new visual
and substantial fruition with aesthetic irony: this allows the spectator to space
within of the intimate meanings of human mind and, at the same time, to interact
mentally and physically with the artwork. Every work turns out, thus, stimulus to an
effective reflections on ourself and on our world.
Domino is resident artist ,since 2008, in Infantellina Contemporary [I]-[C]
gallery Berlin.
18/10/08 - 27/11/08
„18 x 18 „ Gruppenasustellung bei I-C Berlin , Taubenstrasse 20-22 (am
Gendarmenmarkt), 10117 Berlin
29/10/08 -02/11/08
Berliner Liste ---- Arbeiten für I-C Berlin
02/12/08 – 12/02/09
„Italians do it 2 „ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
13/02/09 – 12/03/09
„Look at me „ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
13/03/09 – 03/04/09
„Sex, Love & Fantasy“ Solo-ausstellung von Domino bei I-C Berlin
04/04/09 – 05/05/09
„ I´m blue „ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
28/05/09 – 23/06/09
„Humans & Gods“ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
24/06/09 – 17/07/09
„Strange things „ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
04/07/09 – 25/07/09
„Highway to Berlin“ Gruppen-ausstellung bei C.L. Museo Mandralisca
18/07/09 – 10/09/09
„A better world“ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
11/09/09 – 23/10/09
„Stairway to Heaven“ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
24/10/09 – 04/12/09
„ One World „ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
05/12/09 – 16/01/10
„ 4 your eyes & not only“ Gruppenausstellung unterstüztzend Amnesty
International bei I-C Berlin
30/01/10 – 26/02/10
„On Sale „ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
18/04/10 – 12/05/10
„Girls,Girls,Girls“ Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
21/08/10- 21/09/10
„ Golden Talks “ Solo-ausstellung bei I-C Berlin
“I am who I am” Gruppenausstellung bei I-C Berlin
“Franchise temptation of 24 hours” exhibition and performance with Andras
Markos, Zsusanne Tudor,Willi Bambach
Solo exhibition IC Berlin



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