EMS - Electronic Music School

EMS - Electronic Music School

Kurse, Workshops und Einzelcoaching


The EMS - Electronic Music School teaches electronic music production and composition. We provide high-quality education in theory and practice, based on our personal EMS course of instruction and handouts.

EMS is very scene-oriented, authentic, and very much interested in supporting our students beyond school, even after the regular study period. Our teachers are active DJs and producers, with bookings all over the world.

The EMS – Electronic Music School was founded in 2010 by Jeyênne (DJ, producer, singer, and songwriter) who looks back on a serious career which began in the early 90s.

Our students have access to a host of state-of-the-art hard-and-software. We work on the skills of students and in long-term courses we discuss homework once a week. We also offer one-day workshops and one-to-one lessons on the following topics:

• Producer Courses with Ableton Live
• Composer Courses with Ableton Live
• Ableton Live and Push Workshops
• NI Maschine and Traktor Workshops
• DJ beginner & advanced Workshops
• Mixdown Workshops
• Artist self-marketing and management Workshops
• Modular Synth Workshops
• Sheet music lessons
• One-to-one lessons in all named categories for beginners, advanced students, and professionals
• Special Workshops with well-known DJs such as Gabriel Ananda, Asem Shama, Bondi and Jeyênne.

We are not just a music school. We are a network of DJs, producers, and musicians.


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