Giulia Cappello Photo: © Amaury Wenger

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved doing things with my hands — drawing, creating things with paper or clay. I loved exploring all that life had to offer with curiosity and a vivid imagination, which are still driving forces for me. I brought these things with me to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in graphic arts.

After finishing my studies, I moved to Berlin, Germany, a wonderful international city which I am still in love with. Starting in 2013, I worked first as an illustrator and graphic designer in a start-up company and then as a user interface designer in a communication agency.

I am currently available for new freelance projects. I mostly focus on illustration, but I would be glad to take on design projects as well. Whenever you’re ready, I would love to hear from you and work with you. Feel free to write me in English, German, Spanish or Italian.

Apart from illustrating and designing, here are some things that make me happy: listening to jazz music, eating pizza and ice cream (but not together), dancing Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz, dancing in the rain (only in summer), cooking and baking, traveling to discover other cultures and ways of living, vintage and second-hand shops and markets, recycling and caring for the environment, performative arts, comedies and old movies.

I am a member of the Illustratoren Organisation e.V.

My illustrations are light and playful, essential and detailed at the same time. They deal with everyday situations in an ironic and humorous approach.

To do so I use pictograms, symbolic imagery, the adaptation of pictures, and sometimes let hidden information flow into the overall work.




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