We are an international team of English native speakers, professional language educators and artists, we call ourselves Teaching-Artists. Since 2009, we have been pioneering the role of the Teaching-Artist within the field of Language Education. Our programs bring the art forms and languages we’re passionate about into the classroom to inspire students about and through them.
Our approach incorporates a practical ‘learning-through-doing’ philosophy. We create classroom environments and programs where students are supported and challenged to communicate their creative ideas in English. We adhere to the idea that immersion is the most effective tool in language acquisition and experience has shown us that arts based programs are powerful motivators to get kids/teens speaking. We believe that the arts can make an authentic and dramatic contribution to language education.
Our team is an extraordinarily talented group of professional Teaching-Artists from a myriad of cultural and artistic backgrounds. Our teaching-artists will add a unique shot of energy and excitement to English lessons in your school.


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