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The jazz initiative "Jazz am Helmholtzplatz" ("Jazz at the Helmholtz Square") aims to re-establish jazz again in Prenzlauer Berg and its neighborhood. It wants to support the many national and international professional jazz musicians who reside in Berlin, provide them with more opportunities to play in public and strengthen the visibility of the local jazz scene in Berlin. At the moment Jazz am Helmholtzplatz is working on a non-profti level, but hopefully, with the association-structure in place, it will be easier to apply for fundings. In the future Jazz am Helmholtzplatz intents to connect local jazz scenes inside of Germany and on an international level.

The initiative began in 2018 with a first jazz concert in the immediate surroundings of Helmholtzplatz. As a spot located in the heart of Berlin, it attracts people from all over the world. Meanwhile, jazz is a music that stands for vital and emotional intensity, for communication across borders and mentalities, and played an important role in Prenzlauer Berg in the years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Bringing these together, Helmholtzplatz is a place where neighbors meet each other, but also come into contact with the entire world. It is a real place, but equally a symbol for how to imagine a neighbourhood and community without borders. The Helmholtzplatz is everywhere!
"Jazz at the Helmholtz Square" stands for creative, exciting and international jazz for all music lovers, and operates in cooperation with different venues to present both internationally known musicians, as well as talents yet to be discovered on a non-profit basis.
It is a mobile jazz club in Berlin that dispenses with a fixed location to address different venues and audiences, making new connections between them.