KOLO Berlin

KOLO Berlin was founded in December 2017 by designer and architect Aigerim Usabaev.
The design of KOLO Berlin is strongly influenced by architecture and urban life - minimalist and
The models do not follow a seasonal trend. Clothing does not need a gender and therefore the
design of KOLO Berlin is gender-neutral (unisex).
In order to avoid overproduction and thus maintain the uniqueness, only one collection is
created each year and the basic collection is constantly being expanded. The collections are
produced in small series and on order in our studio in Berlin. This way of working guarantees
the highest level of quality in processing.
Of course, quality begins with the choice of fabrics. KOLO Berlin only uses textiles that are
produced ecologically and under socially acceptable conditions, as well as sustainable
materials. Organic cotton is based on the GOTS certificate.

KOLO Berlin