Magdalena Emser Photo: Jan Peter

Phenix, 2017

Inspired by the West-African dances and cultures during her first stay in Ivory Coast, 2008, the artist returns to Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso for seven months in 2016. During this trip, she lives a near-death experience, which becomes a turning point in her artistic career. Both space and time in Africa offered her not only the path to her artistic expression through the materiality of  “WAX” but also the urge to share West-African life at its very essential core.
Her trippy artworks from these series are like enchanting passages that lead us to an escape into a better world, a world full of colours governed by the „WAX “ material, a particular refined technique through which she aims to make the invisible, visible. 

Phenix, 2017 Photo: Magdalena Emser
Photo: Magdalena Emser

Durch eine spirituelle Reise inspiriert, erschien Magdala die Meerjungfrau als Mami Wata.