Nelson Jamal

Nelson Jamal

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Nelson Jamal is a Berlin artist who has been influenced by various creative fields in process of his development. Parallel to his training as furniture carpenter and during the years which he practice his trade, his passion has always been for art in urban space and especially for mural art.

In order to connect his passion for the staging of art in space further with his talent for craftsmanship, he studied costume- and stage design. He is consistently accompanied by commissioned work, creating his own projects and in particular pleased to be able to give a form to the images in his imagination and to make it visible to others. Ultimately, everyone experiences the world in their own distinct way and it is exactly this which is fascinating to see in the visual works for Nelson Jamal.

Complex worlds of images, intense three-dimensionality and a powerful color spectrum, executed with precise craftsmanship – for the realization of his visions there is no format too large. With a clear vision and the motivation to inspire people in a positive way – Nelson Jamal is an artist of conviction.

The artistic medium through which Nelson Jamal expresses his point of view are so versatile as the themes which move him. Whether mural art, drawing, animated film or stage design: Nelson Jamal's language is through art. And the vocabulary of art for him is like the language itself, without limits and inexhaustible.

Nelson Jamal uses his exceptional and unique language to bring important themes and visions in public view.




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