Hello everyone,

I am Sophie, 23 years old and am currently looking for an exciting 3-month internship in Berlin (starting April 1st).

I recently completed my bachelor's degree in literature and linguistics in Aachen and have already been working for two months in a small publishing house in Aachen as an intern in editing.
I am passionate about (creative) writing and would be happy to gain experience in this field. Up to now, these experiences have only accumulated in diaries, so now they want to go out into the world. Basically I am also very interested in the cultural industry. I can imagine working in museums, theaters, galleries or magazines with an affinity to social/cultural topics.
I have a good imagination and a lot of creativity to give. My linguistic and analytical skills are very pronounced, especially through my studies. I would describe my way of working as conscientious and independent, as well as my commitment. In my last internship I was able to gain first experiences with InDesign and I am familiar with working with Word/Open office. I find it super exciting to be able to gain insights into the design area. Apart from German at native language level, I speak fluent English. With Italian, French and Dutch, there is probably only enough for a little small talk.

I am very happy about offers and more questions about me!


Oct. 10, 1996
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