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Valerie Renay is a French-Caribbean performer, director, DJ, Personal trainer, and half of Art Rock duo Noblesse Oblige, She spent half her life in London where she trained as an actress with Phillippe Gaulier.
Now based in Berlin, she produces work as her alter ego ‘Femme Façade’ making regular appearances at international Performance and Theatre Festivals such as Contradança Asta Festival/Portugal, Interregnum Live Art Festival/Copenhagen, The New Burlesque Festival, Copenhagen, Hebbel Theatre and Sophiensael Theatre/Berlin, Pavillion/Bucharest, as well as Underground Clubs, Fashion Shows, Art Galleries.
In London, Valerie devised work and performed internationally with Pacitti Company (Spill Festival/ London) Marisa Carnesky (Ghost Train), Clod Ensemble, Gary Stevens, Joshua Sofaer, La Ribot, Song Theatre and also hosted cabaret nights (Whoopee). She stars in Edwin Brienen’s arthouse movie L’amour Toujours (2008).
Before starting her band Noblesse Oblige she ran her own theatre company In Bed All Day (1997/2003) gave acting classes and lead ‘creative voice & movement’ workshops at Hoxton Hall.
Valerie currently leads ‘Body & Mind training Sessions’ an adaptable training inspired by her personal practice and knowledge of: Body Weather, Contact Impro Dance, and physical Theatre (Derevo, Yoshi Oida)

Femme Façade currently available shows:
Golden Ratio
A 45 mins sensorial journey by Valerie Renay (writer/ narrator/ singer)
Live music and video projections by Sebastian Lee Philipp

Phi is a number of approximately 1.61803 that appears everywhere in nature.
The familiar spiral shapes the tail of a seahorse, sunflowers, deadly tornados, snails, seashells, the winds of hurricanes, galaxies.
Phi appears in the measurements of our bodies, our DNA, architecture from the pyramids to Le Corbusier, the Holy Bible, paintings from Leonardo Da Vinci to Dali, music from Bach to Debussy.
Does it mean the world was intelligently designed, and not a cosmic coincidence? Or… is the golden ration nothing but a human invention, to prove the existence of a higher order of things?
"My Blood is Thicker than Yours" - 40 minute solo with live music
Femme Façade’s latest performance intertwines the result of her research into ritualistic practices such as voodoo with her own quest for a meaningful life. In her stylised world Valerie in turn ‘Great Priestess’, or deceived woman, explores the notion of belief, female power, ethnicity, life, and death. The ideas of ceremony, sacrifice, symbolic act of purification are revisited accompanied by tribal rhythms, loaded text and choreographed actions.
“Possessed”- 40 min solo with live music
A surreal journey through human psyche, flirting with different notions of identity. Different femme, different façade, ever changing, morphing, playing. The same always. Exposed intimacy. Human. Wanting, waiting, hoping, laughing, crying.
A story of compulsions displaying good timing, stylised actions and stylish aesthetic.
“I live in a monochrome world. My obsessions are clandestine, my desires, stripped own, I will tell you a secret or two, will bare my soul to you but there is a gun in my pocket and a charming little blue vein along your wrist”.

Femme Façade is also available for talks/Q&A/Workshops


March 23, 1966
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