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„People explain to me more about the things that are around me when I have my camera.“

Rosita McKanzie

Rosita McKenzie is a blind Photographer from Edinburgh, ‪Scotland‬.
Rosita lost her vision totally when she was only eleven following an eye infection. Since 2006 she is a professional Photographer and "Disability Equality Educator". Her works were featured by the ‪‎TimeMagazine‬, the BC‬ and ‪NPR‬. Beside she was taking part in "sight unseen", the biggest exhibition of ‪blind‬ ‪photography‬ in the US!

Rosita McKanzie, one of our protagonists on a visit in Berlin.

Photo:Sabrina Mikolajewski

Silja Korn lives with her family in Berlin. She became the first blind person with a nursing degree in Germany.
She got in touch with Photography in 2004. Since then her pictures where shown in several group exhibitions. In the end of the year her series „texture of a graffiti wall“ will be shown at the hungarian national gallery. By whatching this pictures no one would expect a visually handicapped artist. But Silvia is completely blind as a result of a car accident at a age of twelve.

Jan Bölsche, born 1973, works as photographer and author in Berlin, Germany. His photos have been published in newspapers, magazines, travel guides, catalogs and on websites and CD covers.
He is in touch with Photography since 2005. Mainly to see the fine details of the wold in hindsight. His portfolio contains a lot of street scenes. These are fascinating him because a dialog between the people and surrounding is created and tells a story the included person isn't aware of.
Controlled by a defect gene, the cells of Jan Bölsche's retina started to slowly fade away in his early adolescence. In an still ongoing process, a growing blurry and nebulous spot in the center of his field of vision covers objects he tries to bring into focus.
Due to the lack of high definition input, Jan's visual cortex concentrates more on the 'big picture', the coarse composition rather than on fine detail.

"My eyes work more like a film camera from the 1930ies than like my digital SLR. Sometimes I am actually surprised with what they captured."

Jan Boelsche

Markus Kaatsch | Producer

Markus Kaatsch is a producer and film agent. In 2007 he founded the production company “aug&ohr medien”, which since 2011 also operates an agency for filmmakers. He has supervised more than 180 films, among which numerous have won prizes and were screened on the most important film festivals worldwide. Since 2010 he has been studying as a production student at DFFB. Among his most prominent short films as a producer are "Kokon" (German short film prize), "EAT" (over 150 Festivalscreenings) and "Come and Play" (best short film "Semaine de la Critique"/66th Cannes).

Nicklas Warnecke | Producer

Nick is active in the film business since 2004. His company “Rollbergfilm” founded in 2009 realises short-, image- and promotional films. Since 2010 he additionally works as a posproduction-producer for “Mind & Image Manipulation Coop”, supervising feature and promotional films. In 2014 he graduated from HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg with a degree in Film- and TV-Production. Films produced by Nick have screened and awarded at more than 300 national and international film festivals.

Leo Schmidt I Director

Traveling, aventures & stories. Leonard Schmidt spent a year hitchhiking across the Americas. He was born in 1990 in southern Germany and graduated high-school there. Ever since then he has been freelancing as a director and cinematographer. He has been involved in numerous feature movies and documentaries, as well as working as a photographer. He directed short films, collaborating with Cordula Trantow and Dirk-Martin Heinzelmann among others. Leonard lives and works in Berlin.

Anselm Belser | Director of Photography

Anselm (1979) graduated from the Swiss “Scuola Teatro Dimitri” academy for physical theatre in 2003. After several acting jobs in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, he is currently studying camera at DFFB. His single-handedly made short film “FELIX” was screened at more than 200 festivals and one of the most successful German short films of 2012, winning several awards.

Tobias Rüther | Sound Engineer

Born in 1986, Tobias did a trainee as a certified technical design assistant for media and communication which he successfully completed as well as a audio engineering diploma at the SAE Berlin. In addition to many short films Tobias has already worked on several feature films . " Sieniawka " for example, won first place in the category "Best Film " at the FIDMarseille and also the Arte documentary prize at the Duisburg Film Week in 2013. Since 2013 Tobias is working as a freelance location sound recordist in full-time.

Carlotta Kittel | Editor

Carlotta is a freelance film editor. She studied editing (Montage) at the filmschool HFF Potsdam-Babelsberg, graduating in 2013 with a qualified degree (Diplom). In 2010/11 she did a one-year exchange at the film academy in Łódź, with focus on editing and directing. She edited several award-winning films that were screened at international film festivals.