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Francesco D'Isa

Beauty Queens of a Post-atomic world, the protagonists of Francesco D’Isa’s illustrations create a modern bridge between an art-nouveaux and a cyber-punk aesthetic, like if Gustav Klimt would had the opportunity to work with Matthew Barney using the most modern techniques of digital painting.
Trapped in the coldness and desolation of space age scenarios, where mechanics is nature, violence norm, sex robotics, inhumanity standard and handicap the only sign of humanity, they remember us how important is to keep being wild at heart. Signs barely readable in little details: the complicity of a glimpse, the mystery of a hidden smile, the sensuality of a caress, the malice of a childish game, like secret language that the big-brother, permanent controller, cannot decode.
Classy amazon warriors standing on defense of the last bulwark that separates human beings from machines.

“I try to think as much as I can and I try to survive to my thoughts. It happen that I need to draw something while I do it.”


fineart print on canvas with framework / edition of 5 copies / signed / 70 x 48 cm / 2010 Model is Mercedes Helnwein

Plastic Cheetah

fineart print on canvas with framework / Edition 3 on 5 / signed / 2009

Whales Fur

fineart print on canvas with framework / unique piece / 100x69 cm / signed / 2009 Model Dolly Lamour

Suicidal Mantra, Studio

Mixed media on paperboard / 30 x 42 cm / unique piece / signed / 2011

How It Works

fineart print on canvas with framework / edition of 5 copies / signed / 70 x 48 cm / 2010 Model is Vaunt, who kindly provided the artist the photo references.

When You Well Come, I Will Be on Your Side Waiting for You

fineart print on canvas with framework, unique piece, signed, 62x56 cm, 2010 Model is Kojii Helnwein.

Suicidal Mantra

fineart print on canvas / unique piece / 56 x 56 cm / signed / 2011

Where the Mirror Is Big