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Imagine it’s the 1990s and you’re looking for an independent boutique hotel—a property with a personality of its own and not just some cookie cutter hotel multiplied globally. In comes Design Hotels™ in 1993 and establishes a first-of-its-kind portfolio of 10 iconic member hotels when the terms “design” and “hotels” weren’t ubiquitous; and when finding these unique, extremely cool hotels was like stumbling upon the best party in town because you got lost and took a wrong turn in a foreign city. In short, either you’re an insider or extremely lucky.

Today, we’ve kept that aspect of our portfolio—unique, handpicked properties that cannot be replicated and could not exist anywhere else but where they’re located. Hotels that are rooted in their neighborhoods and work with and benefit the communities that surround them. Design Hotels™ currently represents and markets a hand-selected collection of over 300 privately owned and operated hotels in over 55 countries and more than 100 destinations around the globe. What brings these diverse properties together isn’t just standout architecture and design, which with us is a given, but that they create authentic, Original Experiences for their guests. These experiences are orchestrated by benevolent, invisible hands—those of our hoteliers, whom we refer to as “Originals”—outstanding personalities and extraordinary thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit and a hyperlocal point of view. Some of these “neighborhood makers” include Alessandro Catennaci, Seija Ojanpera, and Kit Kemp.

Given our vision to create an unrivaled global community for design, architecture, and culture, it is not surprising that we also have “originals” working in our offices around the globe—an international team of talented individuals with diverse expertise and a passion for travel, design, architecture, culture, art, and innovation.

As a brand constantly striving to reach ever new heights of originality in hospitality experiences—be they the Design Hotels™ Projects, the annual book and magazine we produce, or the innovative service and technology we provide our hotels—we are always looking for fresh minds from diverse fields to join our international team. Since we are not a hotel, we have many opportunities outside traditional hospitality roles that do not necessarily require a hospitality background. Look around our current available jobs, and in case you don’t see anything suitable at the moment, send us your CV anyway. Like sudden sunshine in Berlin, open positions may pop up—in which case we'll get in touch.

If you like what you see and would like to know about some pretty sweet deals at our gorgeous hotels, join our Community and be a part of our Culture to see what we are thinking about, people we've met, and what we're up to.


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