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Fabrizio Rama



My name is Fabrizio Ramacciotti I am Italian, I obtained my studies and degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
With my studies I studied various printing techniques, mixed visual arts techniques and photographic composition.
In my project I am trying to give an image to the sensations I feel while observing the world, these images must not have a recognizable form is not important, I try to represent the things I want or that have meant important things in my artistic path and of life.
The flow is an energy that connects us to everything around us and if we concentrate we can really understand what we need.

my project:

to the FLOW

“making love with things before having discovered it”

Every emotion, feeling or desire is taken from an energetic flow Propagation in the space of our feelings, desires and more before the concrete cognitive experience influences our life.

This is the new reflection that I have realized in this project because I have already been absorbed too often by the technological charm of this new era.

I decided to start from the nature of my experiences with the evolution of the figurative forms, transformed into a form of total abandonment and the rediscovery of a harmony between line and color.

I tried to imagine something new simply by returning to the nature of things.

Focus only on feelings without creating a concrete figurative image that creation has meaning or bound to symbols.

Sometimes the flow concerns very special memories.

The other flows concern desire, something I would like to have and others simply intuitive feelings in the process by memories of special events that I had in my life i save them inside me and then I try to represent them and I reliving again these emotions.

During the process of execution this strong effect will end step by step until the end and I will feel these feelings again every time I see the image again.

In the intuitive process of desire it is a little different but bound, make free the mind and layer after layer of color nuances lines transparencies find the solution will be there .

The final intent is to represent the emotions you feel or try to touch that “matter” understood as an image to which I do not have access but I feel it is there and I want to discover it ..

make love with things before we discovered them


Aug. 21, 1979
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