Grgur Savic Photo: Sanja Star

Grgur Savic

Composer | Saxophonist - Pitch Shifting Group, Space Tigers Berlin, The Form, Heart Shaping 3

Pitch Shifting Group

Live visuals, while musical interactivity, has been crucial to Pitch Shifting’s latest practice. Leaded by a Berlin based saxophonist and composer Grgur Savic and visual artist and designer Sanja Star, group explores a different types of today’s technology together with live electro-acoustic instruments to deliver high quality musivisual language. Shifting from harmony to other dimensions of music where more emphasis is generally placed on mood, texture, performative gesture: timbre, melodic intervals, rhythm and the spontaneous interaction between musicians. Group has been influenced by other areas of exploration, aspects of modern classical music (extended techniques), noise (aggressive confrontation and dissonance), IDM (computer manipulation and digital synthesis), minimalism and electroacoustic music.

Pitch Shifting Group is concentrated on developing a highly individualised musical vocabulary played without restrictions and closely connected with live visual performance making a truly immersive experience.

Although this group started performing pure electro-acoustic improvised sets, new journey begins with a new member, visual artist Sanja Star. Group sets itself into the new dimension creating improvised audio-visual set with visual expressions and spatial arrangements of collages and animations. Sanja creates digital motion collages, using 3D art, creative code – visual programming language, animation and design techniques.

She creates a set of visual semiotic system that is the synchronous union of music and video. Add to this divine music of the groups manual sound design and you have a seductive, dynamic visual world to get lost in.


Pitch Shifting Group Photo: Sanja Star
Pitch Shifting Group

Interdisciplinary - Live - Art